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It has come to our notice that a woman who claimed to be displeased with our product and services granted an interview with the intent to defame our company. It is pertinent to state that Express Wig Braids pride itself as a customer-focused business that optimizes every customer's touchpoint, be it pre-sale, point of sale, and after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, and this is evident in our reviews from customers.
This woman ordered Wig Allison from us on June 1st, 2020. Before a customer can place an order on our website, an agreement form that states our processing time pops up for the customer or users to read and agree with by clicking on the green "YES" button. If a person does not agree with our processing time, such a person would not be allowed to add the wig or anything to their cart nor make any payments. That section also warns potential customers as thus "PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN WAIT BEFORE YOU ORDER”.
She clicked and agreed with our timeframe, policies and we believed that every customer who purchased from us read and agreed with that before they placed an order with us. We had her wig shipped accordingly and due to the pandemic, our company took the initiative of adding a free disinfectant wig spray to ensure the safety of our customers. "Attached is a screenshot of this agreement"

She clicked the green yes button on this agreement before she was allowed to make payment. Anyone can view this agreement live on our website when you add a wig to your cart.
After delivery, this woman emailed us to complain about her wig. We requested for visuals and we assured her that we will see what we can do to satisfy her. Express wig braids have a return, refund, and exchange policy that it follows. She sent us the picture and we discovered that there was no mistake on our part as we had sent her the correct wig on a 360 lace material.
Based on experience, we realized that some people mistake 360 Lace Hair Wig for a Full Lace Wig and that is why we have a full-page section that describes each of these lace hair materials on the website with visuals. She ordered and paid for Allison on a 360 lace and was probably expecting a full lace.

However, due to the customer focus culture of our company, we tried to reach her via emails but she proofed difficult so we requested to speak with her over the phone about her concern and to resolve her issue to make her satisfied which is our aim as a CUSTOMER-FOCUSED BUSINESS.

We called her via the phone contact information she left on her order information, but to our surprise, the number belongs to another person and the owner of the phone informed us that she did not order anything from us and she insinuated that this might be a case of scam. She also sent us a text to that effect "attached is a screenshot of the text and phone call logs”.

So we forwarded a copy of what the real phone owner had said to this woman via email just to show our support as proof that we tried calling her to resolve her complaint. We further asked her to please send us her real phone number and she forwarded another phone number. We called and called and she refused to pick up her phone so we emailed her again to let her know that we called the second number she provided but no one was responding and to give us a call back, but she never did. "attached is a screenshot of our correspondence with her and call logs to the second phone number".

At that point, we didn't know what to do. It felt weird because we have never experienced such a situation before and even if a customer had a complaint and we reach out to them, it makes them feel happy that we care and at least we are showing our concern.
In this woman's situation, she acted extremely difficult to please. We advertised our wig disinfectant spray on our website as a gift on all orders to protect our products from COVID before it gets to the customer due to handlings from the postal service, but this woman also used this against us, whereas, this is a means of keeping our products safe from COVID and viruses in this pandemic.
The postal service will not allow a shipping label to be generated if the sender's mailing address was incomplete or incorrect, so her allegations about her package not having a return shipping address is completely false. "attached is a copy of her shipping label"

If she had communicated with us, we would have been able to understand her concerns better and provided her the return shipping address but she didn't even respond to our calls and she stopped responding to our emails.
She blamed us for the mailing envelope from the postal service but we couldn't have been able to control how the postal service handled her package before it got to her.
We do not think that her business with us was neutral, we believe it was all planned from the way it all happened and her leaving someone else's phone number has her own contact information. Also, she didn't even give us the chance to resolve the situation.
She mentioned that she wants a full refund, but how would we be able to refund her when she still has our merchandise with her. She has our wig with her, she won't return it and now she is claiming she wants money at the same time.

Our Phone Number: 6175644777
Email: or
Return Shipping Address: P.O BOX 35122, Boston Massachusetts, 02135


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  • Posted on by Latoya
    People just love to ruin a good thing. This company is top notch with great customer service
  • Posted on by Dee Jones
    I knew they were lying in the video because whenever I purchase from express wig braids I always received an order number and receipt for pmt. It’s not the company fault if the post office damages the envelope/package once it’s in possession and labeled as shipped. I’ve had nothing but an awesome experience with this company and will continue to be a loyal and satisfied customer.

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