Martha-2 XS Cap Transparent Full Lace

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11 May 2020
Amanda L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I really like this unit Its very comfortable easy to style I like to pin it up. Im getting lots of compliments. Looking forward to buying my next style.

Wig Displayed;


Micro Box Braids
Length: 22 inches

Color: mix 1 & 33

Density: Full Density

Thickness: micro braids

Cap size: extra small

Sparse baby hair

Lace Material: 100% transparent virgin hair full lace

Ear-to-ear elastic band for extra hold to fit almost all head size

Original X-pression synthetic braid extensions 

Search for MARTHA from the search icon up to pre order same style in all of your custom options, in case it gets sold out here in ready to ship. 


Braided wigs have been around for some years now and a lot of people have embraced and are beginning to appreciate its many advantages.

One out of its many advantages is how it saves time. Imagine a wife, mother and a carrier woman who struggles to juggle all activities together at a time without so much time in her hands to look beautiful alongside. It’s very important as a woman to look beautiful and well kept as always. Women are great beings and do a lot of things in our society today all at once;

  • keeping home,
  • taking care of family,
  • cooking,
  • working to earn money, and many more.

But we are focused on how a woman should always manage her time in all of these activities and still have enough time to still look beautiful. A woman’s appearance really matters a lot. You don’t want to look unkempt, you don’t want to keep a bad hair, bald hair or smelly hair.

So, I will outline steps of how to wear your braided lace wigs in minutes without applying any glue and explain further using a glue.

  1. Get your braided wig out of the bag and finger comb it to stretch out.
  2. They come with elastic bands and full lace braid wigs comes with hook combs, but if you feel you need an extra elastic band and hook combs, add two hook combs inside the wig cap on both sides of the wig cap, also measure out 8-10 inches in length of elastic band, then sew in the elastic band on both sides where your ear angles are placed on either of the lace frontal, full lace or wig cap used.
  3. Wear a mesh cap “a tan mesh cap to be precise” on your hair if you don’t have a lot of hair and if you have a lot of hair, have them cornrowed in before wearing a mesh cap.
  4. Wear your wig from the front while bending you head downwards and pull it backwards till it fits in.
  5. Raise your head upwards “back in position” and adjust perfectly.
  6. Pull the lace to the front till it covers your hairline to see how much of it that should be taken off.
  7. If you think you need your baby hair trimmed, use a tweezers to pick out some of your baby hair till it’s as light as you want it before cutting them short.
  8. Cut out the lace with a small scissors. If you cannot cut the lace while you have your wig on, try to mark the area to be cut out with your powder or foundation color makeup and then remove the wig to have the lace cut out.
  9. After cutting out the lace, you could apply a very light amount of your foundation color with a blending brush inside round the edges of the lace material or where you have your parts, to give it an illusional natural look to blend along with your skin color “this is optional”, wear it again, adjust the elastic to hold perfectly and lay your baby hair and style to your taste.
  10. If you think you need to add glue for extra extra hold then: apply an original hair glue underneath the front of the lace you cut out and also a very small amount on your edges where you have your mesh cap along your temple.
  11. Spray the glued part with a glue spray, lay your wig flat on your edges, press and comb in your edges alongside. Do not let your baby hair get in. Comb them out.
  12. Wear a scarf round and tight the glued part for 8-10 minute.
  13. Remove the scarf, lay your baby hair and style.

TERMS OF USE:  "You agree that you will not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute any content in any manner or medium without permission” 2018


. Take wig out of the bag/box and stretch it out by finger combing. Packaging might make them fold but doing this would make them go back to normal with time.

. Always wear your braided wig on a mannequin’s head or hang upright, to avoid it getting folded and scattered.

. If your braided wig looks shattered at the tips, deep only the lower part of the wig in hot water for 5 seconds to straighten out the tips "do not deep all except little portion of the tips because too much hot water could make your braids fragile". However, not all braided wigs can be deepen into hot water. Only box braids and twist can pass through this process. Do not deep passion twist, spring twist, dreads, faux locs, goddess locs and crochet locs into hot water.

. Do not squeeze out with hand or towel. 

. Finger comb your braided wig downwards and blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it to dry (best option).

. Spray your braided wig with very little amount of hair spray / oil sheen since its still brand new to keep it shining.



 Once in a while, wash your braided wig in a lukewarm water with good quality shampoo. Do not use hot water because the major part of the braids are synthetic. Using hot water could damage the strength and longevity of your wig and make them look rough, (except for the closure, frontal or full lace wig, which are 100% virgin remy hair)


..add lukewarm water in a bowl

..add quantity amount of a good quality shampoo

..deep in your braided wig and softly finger massage your wig

..rinse properly with cold water and take the wig out vertically and deep in again 2-5 times or rinse while holding the wig straight up not squeeze dry your wig, instead hang your wig vertically or style on a mannequin’s head to blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it out to dry (best option)

. Trim around the sides of each strands of hair if there is any need to "do not cut the tip".

. Use a good quality styling hair mousse while you vertically finger comb your wig, while a little bit wet.

. Use hair spray or oil sheen to keep it shining.

. Do not apply direct heat or any hot steaming object like tonging machines and all that on your braided wig

. Always hang or style on a mannequin head in a good weather condition when not in use

. Whenever your wig gets wets or you sweat on it, always make sure you dry them and not hide them so as not to breed a bad smell or fungi.. Never keep your wig in a plastic bag or box

. Do not tie your braided wig at all times to avoid wig looking tacky

. Do not comb or brush your braided wigs

. Do not sleep with your braided wig on, so that it doesn’t tangle and also helps to maintain the style

. Do not braid the ends all together

. Take care of your natural hair as well. Wash and condition your natural hair, oil them and cornrow them before you wear your braided wigs again because our wigs serves as protective styling wigs to protect your natural hair from breakage and damages, make them relax, breath from tight braiding and grow faster.

Contact us for further help or questions at or call +16175644777


TERMS OF USE:  "You agree that you will not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute any content in any manner or medium without permission”

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