At Express Wig Braids, customer's satisfaction is our major priority. We strive to providing customers of all backgrounds and ethnicity, Standard Realistic Looking  Handmade Glueless Braided Wigs of high quality, that suits their personalities, styles and wants. Express Wig Braids is located in Boston, Massachusetts in The United States of America and we serve a variety range of customers all over the world. We strive to styling our customers with the highest regards to :

  • quality control,
  • customer's satisfaction,
  • time efficiency and
  • value for money.

Express Wig Braids was founded by like minded fashionable people who embraces and appreciates beauty that enhances class, fashion and style. We understand the strain and time required to achieve a stylish look the traditional way of going to a beauty salon. This is a luxury not accorded to the modern career woman given the busy schedule at work, a student who has school work and assignments to think of, or a stay at home mum with kids and house chores to take care of. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to save you the trouble by ensuring that you can achieve a fashionable look with the right choice of a braided wig within a matter of minutes for a look that would have taken a whole day or more.

Our aim is to always introduce to our customers all over the world with new styles of handmade braided lace hair wigs such as; Box braids, Senegalese Twist also known as Twist, Crochet Braids/LocsCornrows, Faux Locs, Goddess Locs, Kinky Twist,... on a wig "YES, ON A WIG" that comes with either a 100% virgin human hair lace closure, lace frontal, 360 lace frontal or a full lace wig.

We are also dedicated to taking special orders from our customers (CUSTOMIZATION). Just as you walk into a salon with a specific style of your choice, we serve our customers, different style of their choice on WIGS. 


Time is money they say, where you can have your favorite style on a Braided Wig for almost an equal amount it would cost you to have you seated for unpredictable hours, to have them on, not just for days, weeks or months, but for years. You get our wigs at affordable prices without hurting your pocket.
Also shop exclusive and unique crochet braids, loc and twist bundles on our website at affordable and giveaway prices.
    We guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish.
     Take a look at our store to shop our braid wigs and also order for custom made wigs.