Check image clearly to determine the length you want and match it with the ranges below.

The complete length of our wigs are measured from the top middle of the wig to the end of the braids. Length is not measured in single braid form.

If your desired length falls between any range, then your length size is of that range. Model in the picture is 5.7 feet tall.

  • (11-14)inches shoulder length

  • (15-18)inches armpit length

  • (20-22)inches bra length

  • (23-26)inches mid back length

  • (28-30)inches waist length

  • (35-36)inches tailbone length

  • (37-38)inches mid-thigh length      

  • (46-50)inches knee length

  • (51-54)inches calf length

  • (60-65)inches ankle length

  • (66-70)inches floor length
  • custom length option not among our options should be typed at the note section of your order

Waist Length Box Braids

    express wig braids hair length chart

    NOTE! If your desired length is not on our length chart, type a note at the additional information section of your adding when adding wig to your cart before checkout.

    The top focus of Express Wig Braids is making sure you're satisfied. We take great pride in offering Standard, Realistic, Looking, Custom Handmade Glue-less Braided Wigs of the highest quality, meticulously designed to match your personality, style, and desires. Among our wide range of braided wig options, our waist-length box braids are a standout choice for those who want to make a statement.

    Our devotion to greatness is clear in our Waist length box braids. Every hairpiece is a unique masterpiece since everyone was carefully made with accuracy and scrupulousness. Our braided wigs are made to complement your natural beauty and express your individual style because we recognize that your hair plays a significant role in your identity.

    Express Wig Braids encourages diversity and is open to patrons from all racial and ethnic origins. We want to offer various braided wigs that take care of the assorted forms and tastes of our clients from everywhere in the world. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or a daring fashion statement, these Waist length box braids may be customized to your desires.

    Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Express Wig Braids is legally registered and operates in the United States of America. While our roots are in Boston, our customer base extends worldwide. We enjoy collaborating with a diverse range of international clientele.

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