Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Initiative Program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Express Wig Braids was born by our CEO and part of our aim is to contribute and show our support positively to our society.

We are blessed from GOD and having you all as our existing or potential customers and we appreciate everyone who have willingly showed us support by spending at least a $1 in our store

Now, it is time for us to giveback massively and help more people especially at this COVID trying times.


BRAIDS is an art
BRAIDS is a craft
BRAIDS is a style
BRAIDS is a culture
BRAIDS is a gift to mankind
BRAIDS is a blessing that enhances beauty
So, we must do whatever it takes to keep it alive at all times!


I’m aware as a professional stylist that there are thousands if not millions of styles one could pull up with braids. They never get old and will always be from time to time which can be traced as far back as over 5000 years in Africa culture to 3500 BC.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have these braid styles due to one reason or the other. Some are suffering from alopecia, hair loss from cancer and other ailments that affects the growth of hair and causes baldness. Some cannot just stand the tightness of having braids. Some develop serious migraine from braiding. Some are spontaneous and would want to try 4 different styles in a week, while others cannot just afford to buy wigs due to financial problems.

Upon my research on all problems mentioned and many others not mentioned, I decided that I would love to help a lot of people and allow them enjoy the grace of having the beauties we sell for FREE. YES, IT’S A GIVEAWAY!!!

Asides, the giveaways we run every other day, we have created an open spot for the first set of 20 people that will be getting a FREE WIG from our company. This is sponsored from our last BIDDING SALES, COURTESY EXPRESS BRAIDED WIGS "THE BIDDING SITE", as promised.

If you suffer hair loss due to cancer, alopecia or other verifiable ailment, kindly send an email to We will make sure we respond to all emails, just be patient as there is a line. We will verify your medical reports or ask for other means to verify your conditions.

Also if you know of anyone who qualifies and needs a free wig, inform them and tell a friend to tell a friend.

We will run this GIVEAWAY from time to time, but right now we can only take 20 people due to the fact that we are processing orders from our paying customers and we respect and cherish their time for waiting for us to process their orders.

Once you have been selected after the whole screening, we will email you about your free wig options and also post your name on this page. You will be given a selection of styles to choose from. Once that is done, you will be issued an order number with your processing time.


Disclaimer: if your hair loss problem was caused as a result of glue, this is not for you. Thanks



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