3D Magnetic Eyelashes, Magnetic Eyeliner, Tweezer & Mirror Set

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Our 3D Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner, Mirror & Tweezer Set:  is made of high quality synthetic fibers and Siberian mink fur that are as light, comfortable, soft and natural as your real eyelashes, which make your eyes look more attractive and doesn’t feel like you're wearing false eyelashes. Reusable more than 25 times.
-shake the magnetic eyeliner 10-20times
-apply magnetic eyeliner like normal eyeliners
-leave to dry for approximately 1 - 2 minutes
-simply hold the eyelashes to the eyeliner with the 
tweezer or by hand.

1 pair magnetic eyelashes + 1 magnetic eyeliner + 1 eyelash tweezer & mirror.
No glue and no irritation: the magnetic eyelashes are easy to wear and do not require glue. The adhesive-free design not only minimizes eye irritation, but also prevents damage to your natural
eyelashes. Comfortable to wear and can also be removed without leaving any residue.
The faux mink hair of our 3D mixed-style lashes is 14-16mm in length. All sets of fans on each eyelash are 100% handmade. You can trim to fit your desired length and width.
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