HD Lace Human Hair Honey Blonde Bohemian Knotless Braids-Tina 1

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Wig displayed: 100% HD Full Lace Virgin Hair / Best Quality Lace

Type: Handmade

Style: Bohemian Knotless Boho Box Braids

Length: 27-30 waist inches

Color: Honey Blonde

Cap Size: XS/S

Density: full

Baby hairsparse baby hair

Thickness: medium braids

Braid Extensions: synthetic braiding hair

Curls: Honey Blonde 100% Virgin Human Hair Highest Grade

Easy maintenance: due to packaging, you might receive your wig folded and curls not separated as shown in the picture above. How to moisturize the bohemian braids to keep the human hair pieces separated, smooth & curly. 

-wear your wig on a mannequin’s head

-add original leave in conditioner or original creamy leave in detangler with little amount of hair oil or coconut oil and water all mixed in a spray bottle.

-gently spray on each of the boho curls and massage with your fingers vertically

-or use an original styling hair mousse

-visit the next tab section for more wig maintenance tips.

Visit the next tab section to learn more about lace types and styling options of each lace type with visuals or contact us for more clarity before you place your order.

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