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•Comes in three different brown color shades

•Can be used with or without bleaching the knots of your lace wig material 

•Saves you the stress of applying makeup in order to get your perfect matching color shade.

•Easy to use method to create a realistic look that enhances a perfect blend to match with your skin tone.

•Astringent (anti-bacterial) present to prevent build up of germs and bacteria developed from sweat or other external factors.

•Long lasting

 •Different shades can be mixed to get more skin tone color shade options


1• shake bottle

2• turn your lace wig inside out

3• give a little gap or space and spray only the lace part of your wig

4• allow to dry or use a dryer

If you want it darker than it seems, repeat step 3 and 4 again respectively. The more you repeat, the darker it becomes.

NOTE! Make sure your previous application dries out properly before any further application(s) for a perfect look.

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