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Braids have been made for thousands of years as far back over 30,000 in many different cultures around the world, and for a variety of uses.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is a statement that has been passed around for years but the reality is beauty is also dependent on the one beheld; one is only as beautiful as they feel. Most ladies focus on clothes, makeup and shoes to feel and look beautiful but the package is not complete without that killer hairstyle.

Hair maintenance can be expensive and time consuming but also worth every minute and coin.

The 21st century woman is a productive and independent woman who might not always have the time to sit in a salon to have their hair made for several hours. With the harsh economic times, she also cannot afford an overpriced style that would last her a week. She wants something elegant, long lasting, affordable and fast. Combining long lasting and affordable seems unrealistic but creative hairdressers came up with a style and better still to help with the time consuming bit of braiding. Express Wig Braids has provided women with Braid Wig or Braided Wig which gives the same elegance and flexibility of plaited braids but spares you the time spent braiding.

Braids date back to thousands of years was done mostly by African women, but now everyone is doing them. Braids is a square, circular or triangular shaped portion of hair set aside from the rest and then divided into three equal parts, the parts are then intertwined to the end of the hair.

The style can be done on natural hair but most women opt for synthetic extensions in the braids for the length and thickness, the bulkier the braids the better they look.

The same idea has been adopted into the braid wigs but unlike the braid been done on ones natural hair, the braid is braided on a wig cap with a preferred virgin lace material that does not pull the client’s natural hair, allowing it to grow and maintain one’s hairline.

They also vary in sizes, depending on the client’s preference. One could do the small, medium or the big also known as jumbo size braids.

Braids have now been subdivided into various types such as:

Box Braids

Triangle Braids

Knotless Braids

Twist Braids

Cornrow Braids

Locs Braids

All types mentioned also have sub divisions of styles and patterns.

There are thousands of styles in existence as at today.

Box braids unlike cornrows are detached from the scalp, this is advantageous because just like natural hair they can be styled however one wants it, but unlike natural hair they are easy to maintain without constant combing that eventually leads to losing of ones hair.

Other than the flexibility when it comes to styling, box braids are also good for transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. When it comes to long term solutions, they come in handy because of their long lasting nature.

Every woman has a preference when it comes to the color of their hair, box braids wigs comes in a wide range of colors from which one could choose from. This gives the client a feel of what their hair would look like if they had that hair color that they had always thought of but were not sure enough to permanently dye their hair to achieve their desired color.

Even with all the advantages that comes with box braids, the greatest challenge has been the braiding time fixing box braids and finishing can be time consuming. This time factor can discourage so many ladies with tight working schedules from having box braids. To counter this challenge, Express Wig Braids has provided clients with braided wigs. A wig is a head covering made from natural or artificial hair. It can be easily worn within 3-5 minutes and removed at the discretion of the client.

Let's look into the different variations of Box Braids Wig that Express Wig Braids Has to offer its customers from their CUSTOM BOX BRAID WIGS COLLECTION:

Micro Box Braids- Martha

Medium Box Braids- Diva

Jumbo Box Braids- Sade

Short Bob Braids- Shaba

Curly Braids- Olivia

Wavy Box Braids- Mariah

Most ladies experience bad hair days, these days might come when one has no time to go to the salon or even have enough finances to make their hair, to help  with this, one can wear a wig on such days and still look extremely great.

Box braid wigs are the best solution because they take the least possible time to wear just like you wear a cap, that is how easy, fast and simple it is to put on a braided wig. Maintenance of box braided wigs is easy because one could easily remove the wig, repair and oil it , then put it back on with no trips to the salon for maintenance.

The modern woman is now well taken care of when it comes to hair matters because she can now look elegant in no time all the time. Order that amazing box braid wig at www.expresswigbraids.com now.



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