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 Express Wig Braids describes a scalp as a part of the skin that covers the head. This is one of the most important part of the body that not only protects the brain but paves way for hair growth from the anagen stage which is the hair growth stage, up until the catagen stage, also known as the hair transition stage till the hair is formed. 

 Now let us move on to the definition of a wig; a wig is a mimicked version of a scalp that has fake hair ventilated on the root. Be it 100% virgin hair or synthetic fibre hair. Wig comes in different styles, colors, length, density and sizes. They protect your natural hair from hair shedding due to constant styling, heating process and the harsh weather. Wigs are majorly divided into two versions which are; hair wigs and braid wigs. What makes these two different is the weight. Braid wig has some weight compared to hair wig.

 People wear wigs for different reasons as mentioned in our previous article. Recap: hair-loss due to alopecia, cancer and other ailments. Secondarily, for fashion, quick look switch, people who cannot stand the pain, strain and long hours it would take in making their hair and many other reasons. But our major focus today is on how to choose the right braided wig for you.

Important Tips In Choosing The Right Braided Wig:

 Make sure you consider your head size; 

Measure your head circumference, forehead, side to side, front to back, temple to temple and neck nape in other to determine of you are an extra small, small, medium, large or extra large head size. This would help you avoid a lot of common mistakes before investing your money on a wig like buying a wig that is either to tight or too loose. 

Make sure you consider the density; 

It is advisable for an extra small & small head size to go for a light weight braided wig such as the knotless braids wig, micro twist wigs, micro braided wigs or you could wear other braid styles that are not fully braided. A fully braided wig on these head sizes will most likely lead to heaviness and headaches.

 A medium, large and extra large head size should consider a hybrid/normal density or full density braided wig since they have a large scalp size to carry the weight of the wig without going through any stress. They could wear styles such as box braids, faux locs, braided cornrows, jumbo styles and other fully braided wig styles.

Make sure you consider the length;

People have different reasons when considering their length options. Some of them are wig styling option, the person’s height, weight and so on. The length of a braided wig from the root to the bra is considered light weight, while length from mid-back to the calf length has some weight. knotless braid wig can be considered if looking for a very long weightless wig.

Make sure you consider the styling options you want to achieve with the wig;

If you are looking to achieve 100% styling option with your braided wig, go for the 360 or full lace option. It will enable you style to the right, left, front, back, sides and you can put up in a bun. But if you mostly like to have your braids falling over your body with more focus on the appearance it gives your face, you should go for the closure or frontal option.

Most importantly consider your budget; 

Braid wigs are great investments that saves you money from constantly spending more at the salon weekly. When you invest in high quality braid wigs, they last longer than 2-3 years without getting outdated.

Express Wig Braids offers varieties of braided wigs that fits all types of budget. You could look into getting the braided headband wigs, braided hat wigs and braided closure wigs if you are on a budget or look into getting braided frontal wigs and full lace braided wigs if you don’t mind breaking the bank. They also offer after-pay braided wigs options “buy now pay later” in getting them on their website at

Considering these 5 tips coupled with optional addition of wig accessories such as wig comb and adjustable bands will guide you towards choosing the best braided wig for you.

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