How Long Do Braid Wigs Last?


Women all over the world have been asking; how long do braid wigs last? This is a valid question as many people do not want to waste money on something that they won’t enjoy for long.

Women's favorite hairstyles, especially those of celebrities, are braids. They play a major role in our Afro-Centric Culture and are fashionable and classy. Virtually every braid style can be made into a wig.

In this article, we are going to answer the question, how long do braids last? But before then, we’ll list some of the reasons why you should consider using braided wigs.

Why you should consider braided wigs

Below are five good reasons you should consider wearing braided wigs:

  • To protect your natural hair.
  • To protect your edges and help you avoid the pain of making your hair.
  • Saves you hours of sitting to make complicated hairstyles.
  • Helps you to save money.
  • It renews your confidence if you suffer from hair loss.

How long do braid wigs last?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. For instance, how well can you maintain a braided wig? But typically, a good braided wig can last for up to two years if properly taken care of.

The initial price you will pay for a good braided wig can be a lot. But considering how long it can last, the price is worth the investment.

How to properly maintain a braided wig

Below are some basic steps you must take to maintain a braided wig and get your money’s worth and make your braided wigs last longer:

  1. Use a gentle shampoo and warm water to wash your braided wigs. Never use boiling hot water to wash them because this might make the braids look chapped.
  2. For straighter tips, dip the ends of the braids into hot water.
  3. After washing your braided wigs, always moisturize them with quality hair products to make them look shiny and supple.
  4. Don’t use hot tools on your braided wigs up close. This includes hair dryers. Keep in mind that since your braided wig is synthetic, the heat might melt it.
  5. Sleeping with your braided wigs on might tangle the tips, so avoid doing so.
  6. When you are not using it, always hang your braided wig. Avoid folding it or tying it up in a nylon bag for too long. Always store it in a ventilated area.
  7. Take good care of your natural hair underneath the wig. Every two to three weeks, remember to loosen the weaves, wash, and remake.
  8. Avoid getting your braided wigs wet all the time because this will make them a breeding ground for bacteria.

Your braided wig will last you a very long time if you follow these instructions.

Are braided wigs worth it?

After answering the question of how long do braid wigs last? It is worth asking if braided wigs are worth it.

Changing your appearance is quick and simple with a braided wig. Braided wigs are unquestionably worth a try if you're looking to try a different appearance. You're guaranteed to find one you like because they are available in a range of colors and styles.

Also, they are simple to put on and take off, allowing you to change your appearance whenever you want.

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