How to determine thickness size of braids, twist or faux locs wig that best suits you.


When it comes to choosing a hairstyle you want, thickness matters because it adds a lot of versatility to the overall look of your desired style.

There are different thickness sizes one could get from having box braids, senegalese twist, faux loc wigs or goddess loc styles. They are;

Micro size

Medium size

Big size

Jumbo size

Below is an image of different thickness size strands

braided wig size chart by express wig braids


Micro size; is a tiny size strand. If you want the braids on your wig tiny, go for this size.

Medium size; starts from the addition of three sizes of the micro strands, up to half an inch in measurement. If you want your braids a little bit thicker than micro, then this is the size for you.

Big size; is quite bigger or thicker than half of an inch size in measurement. If you desire to have a hybrid or semi full hair or wig style but in a normal big size, please go for this size.

Jumbo size; is the biggest size of all. It starts from adding two strands of the big size strands together to become one size of jumbo strand. The size is not required to be full, otherwise, the hairstyle or wig style would look too bulky and heavy on the head.

Considering hair thickness goes a long way in braided wigs and helps in making you feel very comfortable in having them on at the end.

From micro to jumbo box braids, from micro to jumbo senegalese twist, from micro to jumbo goddess locs wig; whichever you choose will always come out nice as long as you don’t have them mixed up by braiding a micro and medium size braids too scanty and braiding a jumbo and big size braids too full.

Also, your desired length also matters when considering thickness size. Let’s say you want a jumbo sized braids as long as (32-34) inches mid-thigh length, it is advisable you even make the complete wig style not too full to give it that more natural look. A longer length of braids goes along perfectly well with micro and medium thickness size as compared to big and jumbo thickness strand.

You will comfortably dance in them, swim in them and work in them. You can also but them up in a bun as long as each the thickness and length equates each other and they are not too voluminous.

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