Best Wig Styles for Alopecia


Before we get into the best wig styles for alopecia, let's review what alopecia is. The word "alopecia areata," or just "alopecia," is commonly used to refer to various hair loss conditions.

There are various types of wigs for Alopecia available, all of which are designed to emulate a natural appearance to provide those with alopecia greater self-confidence.

Choosing Wig Styles

Hairstyle preferences vary greatly across people, therefore it's best to keep an open mind while deciding on a wig style. After deciding to get your wig from a reputable store, such as Express Wig Braids, the following step is to decide what type of wig structure you will wear. There are numerous possibilities open to you, and the best is entirely up to you. 

Wigs for Alopecia are available in a wide range of lengths, styles, textures, and colors, giving you a plethora of creative alternatives. You can choose from a variety of braid styles, such as box braids, cornrows, micro braids, and many more. Whether you want long, flowing braids or shorter, edgier versions, your style is totally up to you.

However, it is advisable to go for wigs that are lightweight or not too full in terms of density and not too long. 

Another thing to bear in mind is the inner structure of the wig. Braided wigs are commonly offered in a closure lace type option, frontal lace type option, or the full lace type which some people also refer to as 360 lace type. 

If you are going to get a braid wig in full lace type, it is advisable to measure your head cap size and order in your exact head cap size for perfect fittings likewise, if you are also going to order a closure or frontal lace type. 

But the good thing about getting a closure or frontal braided lace wig is that the black wig mesh cap around the back area of the wig is stretchable with some form of elasticity. This makes it easy to fit almost any head size and stays perfectly fit on the head. 

Regardless of the inner cap-type structure of a wig, they mostly come with attached accessories such as combs and elastic or adjustable bands for extra hold and tightness. However, some people prefer not to have combs added due to not having enough hair to have the combs attached to. This can be communicated to customer service at Express Wig Braids before you place an order.

Top 10 Braid Wig Styles for Hair Loss

You will appear to have your hair back with these top wigs for Alopecia. These wigs are well-made and comfy to wear all day. 


Get ready to discover the distinct beauty and self-assurance this braided wig offers daily. It's a stunning full-lace knotless braid wig hairdo. Its natural appearance makes it difficult to tell that it's a wig. It is a handcrafted, lightweight wig with full lace made of virgin hair lace. It is long-lasting and has an amazing appearance. It saves you time and makes it simple to switch up your appearance with its simple installation. It includes a very fitting wig cap that guarantees comfort and a firm fit throughout the day. Comes with accessories such as hook combs and an elastic band for extra fitting. The good thing is that the braids can be made in any custom cap size, color, or length of your choice. You also have the HD full lace option for it.


Introducing this premium handmade braided wig, the large knotless box braids. There is a natural sheen to this wig. The tangle-free feature makes using the design convenient and easy, and the entirely hand-braided design guarantees a neat and precisely finished appearance. Featuring a smooth hairline transition and full lace virgin hair material. Its

comfortable, lightweight material makes it appropriate for all-day wear. It is perfect for those who prefer lightweight wigs and don't want a lot of braids. Can be made on a Swiss full lace or HD full lace


For women who want a stunning look while concealing alopecia, this is the ideal answer. This cornrow braid wig is simple to put on and gives you a tidy and natural appearance. The partings of the cornrows are neat and smooth, like a real scalp. This is a fantastic option whether you need a wig for everyday wear or big events like parties or weddings. It can be made with a lace frontal option, swiss full lace option, or HD lace option depending on your budget and preference.


With more than a ten-year guarantee, this fantastic handmade human hair braided wig is another fabulous wig for alopecia. Made from 100% Raw Virgin Human Hair Grade, it can be styled into different patterns, curled in a hot iron, tinted, dyed, steamed, conditioned, and much more. You could style it as a braid wig or as a weave wig. It is available in Swiss full lace or HD lace options.


This braided twist wig comes in a short length. It is elegant and not overly voluminous. Either a frontal lace a Swiss full lace or an HD full lace option can be used in its handmade creation. In addition to being a chic option for any setting, this cornrow braid works well as a protective style on all hair types while your natural hair grows and breathes underneath.


This is a handmade bohemian knotless braids wig made with 100% human hair boho curls. It fits your head flawlessly to mimic your genuine hair and has a natural sheen. It gives an elegant and luxurious look suitable for any occasion. 

A well-made wig that is comfy, light, and invisible to the wearer. This wig is incredibly realistic looking and a show-stopper. It can be customizable in any color, lace, and cap size. Comes with a Swiss full lace or HD full lace cap structure option.


This handmade braided wig human hair kind is tangle-free, matting-free, frizz-free, and shedding-free. The micro knotless braid is made of 100% raw virgin human hair grade. It can be dyed, tinted, curled in a hot iron, steamed, conditioned, and many more.

It can be parted in several ways. This hair is guaranteed to last for more than 10 years. Even after overcoming alopecia, you could still be enjoying its usage.


If you want to look amazing, the bohemian knotless goddess braid wig is fantastic. You won't have to worry about hair loss with these full lace braid wigs as they give off a stunning and glitzy appearance. You can have a gorgeous braid on, thanks to the simple installation technique, which is beginner-friendly. This wig feels light and has a natural sheen because it is made of premium, tangle-free fiber boho curls. You can wear the wig as long as you want or change up your appearance whenever you like. It has a firm grip, which keeps the wig in place on your head. Available in Swiss full lace or HD lace option. 


The unique, elegant, and well-made Gypsy Dread faux locs wig makes a fashion statement. The fit is both compact and pleasant. Owing to the breathable wig cap structure, there is enough airflow to avoid irritation and discomfort. Women who want to boost their confidence and sense of style will look great in this wig. The good thing about it is that it is extremely lightweight. It is offered in a Swiss full lace option or HD full lace option.


This stylish and comfortable wig feels just like one's real hair. The braids are hand-braided by professional styling designers and are neatly and tightly done, giving you a natural look. With an easy-to-wear cap structure, you can style the wig into any design you want and it will stay in place all day long. The medium box braids style is offered in a closure lace, frontal lace, swiss full lace, or HD full lace option. Depending on your budget or preference. It is advisable to have this in short length and less density.


Hair loss is a common problem and wearing a wig is one of the modern solutions for it. Which of these top 10 wigs is your favorite?

Try wearing your new wigs for alopecia when you first receive them so your scalp can breathe from tension gotten from pulling and tightness from having it braided. This will also lessen the visible appearance of your alopecia and boost your confidence. Additionally, you should ensure that you are taking off your wigs and taking care of them correctly. Here is to a more beautiful and classy look. Enjoy!

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