Must Have Braided Wigs for African American Woman


Braided wigs are a must-have for every African-American woman. These wigs, which are known to infuse your appearance with a youthful vibrancy, are available in an extensive array of colors and styles, making them suitable for wearers of all ages. You don't have to worry about spending a lot of time sitting down when getting your hair done in the salon, as they make being a woman enjoyable and stress-free.

Ready to boost your wig collection?  Express Wig Braids have you covered with instant, gorgeous styles to wear on any occasion. Below are some stylish wigs for every African-American woman:

Top 10 Must-have Braided Wigs 

If you want to add some new braided hairstyles to your arsenal without spending hours in a salon, these stunning styles are the way to go. 


human hair wet and wavy micro braids wig

This is one of the finest wigs you can get to transform the way you look while still making a bold fashion statement. It is handmade with 100% 10A raw virgin human hair with a guarantee to last for more than 10 years. There are options for this beautiful unit to be made on a Swiss full lace or HD full lace cap structure. The micro braids are handpicked to give room for more flexibility in styling into different patterns. It also gives one a gorgeous, sophisticated, and incredibly luxury appearance. It’s tangle-free, with no shedding, no matting, and no frizzing, making it seamless for you to rock and maintain.


micro loose braids wig

Micro Loose Braids-Erica Synthetic is a 19-20 inches length, handcrafted, micro curly loose braid. This is your classic and adaptable wig of all time. You are free to dress it any way you choose as it either comes with or without any parting style! It's a high-quality hair available with a (13 by 4) ear to ear virgin hair lace frontal. To keep it shining, you can finger-comb and lightly spray some oil sheen from a little distance. 


bohemian knotless triangle braids wig

Wearing a Bohemian Knotless Triangle Braids-Sarah Boho is the most convenient way to add youth and glam to your look. It’s a gorgeous boho braids wig consisting of options to have it made with a lace frontal, Swiss full lace or HD full lace cap structure. You also have the option to have it made with either synthetic curls or 100% human hair curls and it comes in different lengths and colors.


knotless cornrow braids wig

Knotless Cornrow Braids - Irene, with its soft tumbled and unique color, instantly transforms you into a stunning woman. It's a blonde braided wig with different styling options. One could install it as a knotless braid wig while the braids falls on both sides, or one could put up the knotless braids in the middle up in a bun to make the zig zag cornrows on both sides obvious, while forming another style. One could also wear this wig to make the braids fall on either side like a side part hair or totally put all the braid up in the bun including the braids at the back. This hairstyle is available in different length, color and lace type options. It has a sleek appearance with a form of sophistication.


curly edges medium twist wig

This wig is the solution to transforming your appearance from plain and untrendy to chic and fashionable. The 4B/4C Natural Curly Edges Medium Twist Full Lace Wig - Fredlyn has a unique and natural vibe to it. You definitely have the option to have this sweet looking wig made in the modern day type of baby hair called the kinky curly 4C hairline to mimic your natural hairline.


knotless braids wig

This is your go-to wig if you are looking to rock a strong and bold look any day, anytime. This knotless braid wig fits perfectly with almost every outfit and occasion, whether at work, church, party, dinner, or any other place. It comes in different length and color option and neatly handcrafted with either a Swiss full lace or HD full lace cap structure.


dread faux locs

The unique, elegant, and well-made Dread Faux Locs-Lucy Ombré wig makes a fashion statement anytime, anywhere. The fit is both compact and pleasant. Women who want to boost their confidence and sense of style will look great in this wig. It mimics the dreadlocks style and it comes with a guarantee to last for more than 3 years of usage. It can be made in a Swiss full lace or HD Full Lace cap structure.


full lace cornrow braids

If you want to look amazing, the Full Lace Cornrow Braids Brooklyn is the way to go. It gives off a stunning and glitzy appearance. This wig feels light with well detailed cornrows and has a natural sheen as it is made of premium braiding hair on a full lace material. You can wear the wig as long as you want or change your appearance whenever you like. It has a firm grip, which keeps the wig in place on your head.


micro box braids

Micro Box Braids-Martha is another classic braided wig style that works for any occasion. With a braid of this length, you can wear it down or style it in various ways, from scarf styles to ponytails, which makes it look so beautiful. It assists you in creating a lovely hairdo that never goes out of style. It comes available in different colors, length and lace material options.


cornrow braided wig style

This stylish cornrow braid adds a spark to your overall style and appearance. Braids are a great hairstyle to rock when you are tired of using curls or bone-straight weave wigs and want to change your hairstyle. Cornrow Braids Frontal-Jenny 4 is a fantastic substitute for spending hours at the salon. It is durable, stylish, and fantastic to rock anytime, anywhere. It is available in different lengths, colors and lace materials.

Your FAQs on Braided Wigs Answered

Can I use conditioner to wash my braided wig?

No, if they are made with synthetic braiding hair and Yes if they are made with human hair. You can use conditioner on your human hair braided wig, but avoid getting it too close to the braided part of the roots. If possible, utilize solutions designed expressly for cleaning human hair wigs only on human hair braided wigs as they are known to include less toxic chemicals. Only use a shampoo to wash a synthetic braided wig.

What’s the best way to store my wigs?

Braided wigs should be stored upright. It can be hung on a mannequin head or a wig hanger. This helps the individual braids strand to remain straight, undamaged, and in good shape.

Can I dye a synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs are typically made of either nylon or acrylic. As a result, hair color cannot be absorbed by them. Discover more on dying synthetic hair, wigs, and braids here.


Wigs have proven to be beautifully versatile additions to any trendy lady's everyday approach to fashion over the years. They have gained popularity among African-American women of all ages as they are comfortable, easy to wear or remove, and easy to maintain.

Which of these 10 must-have braided wig styles for African-American women are you getting right away? Kindly comment below. 

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