How Do I Choose a Braided WIG for My Face


Understanding your facial shape and what works best for you

When it comes to choosing the right WIG for your Face, a lot of things come into consideration for you to make the right choice. Sometimes, you could see a braided WIG that looks so beautiful – but it isn’t the right one for you. Aright!!! Sure you felt so sad I guess! Only because you understand the concepts of choosing the right braided WIG for your Face. Sure this is getting interesting, there is a lot more to find out, read on.

You might be seeing this for the first time and noticing that you've been doing things the wrong way for a long time with your WIG choice. But you want to get better. So what comes to your mind becomes," How do I choose a Braided WIG for My face? “. I will show you the one common factor you need to consider when selecting and shopping for your next braided WIG.

When making your next choice for Braided WIG, consider this one factor before picking your choice which is;

  • Facial shape

Facial Shape

How Do I Choose a Braided WIG for My Face

Your facial shape has a whole of role to play when selecting the right braided WIG for your Face. You are going to understand the various types of facial shapes and the right braided WIG to choose to match your day.

Quite some people understand their facial shape so well that they don't need to ask how do I choose a Braided WIG for My face. They figure the braided WIG from a distance and know it isn't the right one for them. So, let's go straight to the types of facial shapes we have so you can get a better understanding. 

Types of facial shapes

  • Oval face shape

If you have an Oval face, you can wear any kind of WIG you want. You tend to have an Oval face when your forehead is wider than your chin with the length of your face being one and a half the width.

  • Round face shape

Just as the name implies, a lot of women tend to have this type of face shape. With a round face, your cheeks tend to be bigger. When you have a round face, focus on longer Wigs and avoid short wigs like the bobs or pixel cuts hairstyles.

  • Heart face shape

Women with the heart face shapes have a wider forehead, cheekbones, and a chin that drops downwards to the bottom of the face. What type of wigs should you get when you have a heart-faced shape? Although a variety of hairstyles would fit one with a heart face shape, the best preferred will be hairstyles with side sweeping fringes.

  • Square face shape

People with a Square faced shape tend to have the same width and length as the forehead and the chin. Square face shapes always have an angular jawline making them appear sharper than other facial shapes. The best kind of wigs for someone with a Square face shape is long hairstyles or dreadlocks. Try as much as possible to avoid chin-length hairstyles.

  • Diamond face shape

It is very easy to spot your type of WIG when you have a diamond face shape. A diamond face shape would always appear to have a narrow forehead, small cheekbones, and chin, with the cheeks being the biggest area of the face. Which hairstyle rocks better? The best hairstyles for a diamond face shape are both long and short types of wigs.

  • Oblong face shape

An Oblong face shape tends to have a longer chin With a round forehead. If you are trying to get the perfect hairstyle for your Face, do avoid sleek hairstyles that make the face more elongated. Try hairstyles that project different layers because they help to widen the face to make it look appealing.

With these outlined facial shapes of faces, it wouldn't be hard for you to figure out where your facial shape belongs. This will give you a better clue to making the right decisions and not being confused when asking how I choose a Braided WIG for My face. When you know your facial shape, you wouldn’t waste time on what won’t suit you because you know better now.

Looking beautiful is good and awesome! It gives you a feeling you can’t phantom. But the real beauty is knowing within your heart that you are beautiful and not based on public validation. Love yourself more and live life better. 

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