What are the Different Types of Braiding?


Asking what are the different types of braiding is limiting braids to a certain number when in truth, there are over sixty types of braiding. And there will be more due to our love for novelty.

But in this article, we will try to show you the types of braiding that you can rock and that are easy to make.

What are the Different Types of Braiding?

As has been mentioned before, there are many types of braids. But in this article, we will cover the ones that are easy to make and that come with a bit of class.

  1. 3-Strand Braid
  2. French/Dutch Braids
  3. Ladder Braid
  4. Multiple Braids

1. 3-Strand Braid

3-Strand Braid

We all learned how to braid our hair in the traditional 3-strand style. It is the most straightforward braid there is. Additionally, it's probably the first hairstyle you learned on your own. Just playing around with the sizes and textures of the braids will allow you to create an infinite number of different hairstyles. And you only need a hairbrush to create this braid.

First, you brush your hair to untie all the knots and tangles in it. Next, you divide your hair into three equal sections. Flip the left section over the middle section, then flip the right section, which was the left section, over the middle section. Repeat these steps until you have braided the hair to the end.

2. French/Dutch Braids

French/Dutch Braids

Both of these use the same fundamental 3-strand alternating braiding technique as a traditional braid, with the exception that you start at the scalp as opposed to the crown of the head. With these braiding techniques, you divide the hair into three sections and then you add hair to each section as you start to braid down or across the head. By doing this, the braid is wrapped around your head instead of just dangling.

The layered strands are alternated over one another in French braids while they are alternated under one another in Dutch braids.

3. Ladder Braid

Ladder Braid

You can complete this ladder braiding technique in two different ways. Some ladder braids weave hair strands in between two braids, while others weave hair strands from one side to the other of a single braid.

The first, with each of the two braids serving as the posts and the braided strands appearing as the rungs, produces a visually noticeable "hair ladder."

The second ladder braid method is more frequently employed as a hair-wrapping technique. For example, a ladder braid could be used to wrap a ponytail by weaving hair from one side of the little anchor braid into the other side before pulling it around the gathered ponytail hair. This produces a loop-ladder-like effect.

4. Multiple Braids

Multiple Braids

This type of braiding means that you can divide your full head of hair into many braids. It might be a basic triple or quadruple French braid style, a headful of box braids, or several small cornrow braids.

Given that they use your entire head of hair, you will need the touch of professional hairdressers to braid the multiple-style braids. They may be pinned up and styled in several ways, but they also look great worn down.

It just depends on the braiding method you want to use. Additionally, the multiple braids method can protect your hair well and you can even wear it for a long time.


The four braiding types above are the simple hair braiding techniques you can easily learn today and start braiding your hair. Therefore, if someone asks, what are the different types of braiding, you can simply tell them these four.

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