Traveling With Your Wigs: Packing and Maintenance Tips

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Packing your favorite wears and accessories might be daunting when it comes to traveling and you absolutely want to pack your braids wig too because you want to look your best! 

You don't want to simply throw your precious braided wig in your bag as the last thing you want is for it to get caught on buttons or a zipper on your dress to rip one of your treasured hair pieces.

Today, we're going to reveal some tips on how to pack your favorite hair pieces without damaging them. 

You'll be ready to slay if you follow these packing and maintenance tips, no matter where you're going next or what wig you choose.

How to Pack Your Braided Wig for Travel

Traveling with your braided wig and ensuring it remains in good form and appearance requires the following:

Pack Safely in a Protective Case:

protective case for braided wig

Pack the wig gently. Avoid folding or crushing the braids, as this can cause them to lose shape. Put it in a protective case or silk bag to keep it from being twisted or damaged during transit. Simply wrap a hairnet around it and place it in a satin bag before packing it inside your baggage. 

Use a Wig Stand or Styrofoam Mannequin Head: If you have enough space in your luggage, consider packing a small wig stand or a styrofoam mannequin wig head to help maintain the wig's shape during travel. Use hairpins or clips to secure the wig onto the wig stand or head to prevent it from shifting around in your luggage.

braided wig stand
Styrofoam mannequin head for braided wig

Styling: Before leaving, you can use a water bottle with a small amount of hair conditioner to lightly mist the braids and smooth down any frizz or loose strands in the wig.

Carry-on vs. Checked Luggage: If possible, try packing your braided wig in your carry-on luggage to make sure it stays with you and isn't mishandled by baggage handlers. However, if your wig is quite large and you're concerned about space, you may need to pack it in your checked luggage.

Packing your wig for your next trip can now be done with confidence right? 

Maintenance Tips for Your Braided Wig

Now you know how to pack your braided wig, the next step is to include the necessities you will need to maintain it and keep it looking gorgeous at your dream destination. 

Consider the Climate and Activities: 

  • To minimize frizz and preserve the style of your wig when not in use, carry anti-frizz products or a silk scarf if you're traveling somewhere humid.
  • Bringing along a couple of headscarves is a great idea. Even if you may not use them at all, they come in handy on windy days or if you're participating in sporty activities.

Unpack Carefully: 

  • Once you arrive at your destination, carefully unpack your braided wig and give it a gentle shake to remove any folds or wrinkles. You might need to restyle or touch up the braids with a small quantity of styling product if needed.


  • You'll need somewhere to keep your wig at the end of the day. In many circumstances, you can simply store your wig in the bag it came in.
  • However, If you'll be staying at your destination for an extended period, you might want to carry a wig stand. That way, you won't be putting the wig in and out of the bag as frequently, which could damage it. It will also help you put it on quickly.
  • When you're not wearing the wig, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or damage to the fibers.

Don’t Forget Your Wig Accessories: 

  • Wigs need special maintenance to keep them looking stunning for longer, just like your hair does. Bringing along a few wig items will assist you and ensure that your wig stays feeling and looking brand new during your vacation. 
  • The accessories you will be packing will depend on how long your trip will be and the style of your braided wig. Don't forget to pack the necessary hair-care products and tools you'll need to maintain and style your braided wig.
  • To preserve and safeguard the moisture in your hair while you sleep, remember to pack a silk scarf or silk pillowcase in your luggage. Also,  remember to pack a silk bonnet to prevent drying out your hair while you sleep.  
    silk pillowcase
  • One item you might find quite helpful is a small, portable wig stand. When you're not wearing your wig, this product will help you style it and retain its shape. It’s collapsible, which is usually a plus because it takes up less space in your case. 
    collapsible braided wig stand
  • You'll need to take care of your hair in addition to your braided wig. Even though wearing a wig might shield your hair from damage, it's still necessary to take care of your hair with the right products, such as organic hair care products, conditioner, and moisturizer, to keep it healthy and vibrant. You should also ensure not to wear your wig on wet hair. 

That’s it. Get ready to travel with your beauty items without damaging them!


You’ve arrived at your desired location and you've got everything you need to keep your wig looking great while exploring!

To avoid accidentally ripping your wig, keep it in the silk bag when not in use, rather than hanging it on a door or spreading it across a chair or couch. You might also take it out and place it on the compact portable wig stand or your wig head.

The most important thing is to have fun. Wearing a wig allows you to look and feel fantastic wherever you go, and Express Wig Braids has amazing wig styles to choose from, from human hair braided wigs to synthetic hair braided wigs, just to make sure you hit the road in grand style.

We hope these Wig Packing and Maintenance Tips for travelers helped you. Have an amazing time wherever you are heading.

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