Must-have Accessories For Braided Wig Lovers



 As protective styles keep evolving, so do the accessories that are being used to complement them, revealing Black women's limitless creativity.

If you're a fan of braided wigs, you know how much a wig can improve your overall look. However, just because something is good doesn’t mean it can’t be improved or made easier to use.

With braided wig accessories, the styling and overall maintenance of your braided wigs can all be improved. 

Let’s check out the essential braided wig accessories to help unveil your limitless creativity with ease:  

10 Essential Accessories for Braided Wig

1. Wig Cap: A comfortable barrier between your natural hair and the wig can be created with a wig cap. It provides an additional layer of protection and aids in holding your hair in place.

2. Wig Clips or Combs: Wig clips or combs can be used to tighten the wig's fit against your natural hair if your braided wig doesn’t have an adjustable strap.

3. Spray Bottle with Water: Spraying the braids with water can help to keep them moist. This keeps the braids looking shiny and helps avoid drying out.

4. Gel or Edge Control: This is particularly useful for human hair braided wigs. It is needed to smooth down the edges, especially for styles that highlight the hairline.

5. Dry Shampoo: To keep your braided wig fresh, use dry shampoo to absorb extra oils and odors. This is necessary if you use your wig frequently.

6. Heat Protectant: A heat protectant spray can help protect the fibers from damage if your braided wig is made of synthetic fibers and you occasionally use heat-styling tools.

7. Bobby Pins and Hair Adornments: One of the best ways to give your braid wigs a little extra sparkle is to add hair adornments. Black women have always accessorized their hair with shells, cuffs, beads, and other items. You can add pins, decorative items, or other accessories for a personalized look.

8. Silk or Satin Scarf/Bonnet: Remove your braided wig before going to bed or wear a silk or satin scarf or bonnet if you’ll be going to bed in it to minimize friction and reduce the risk of frizz or tangling.

9. Wig Stand or Head Mannequin: It’s important to keep and display your braided wig on a wig stand or head mannequin when not in use. This helps to prevent tangling and preserve the shape.

10. Protective Travel Case or Bag: This is to ensure that your braided wig is secure and undamaged while traveling.

Wig accessories are important for wig lovers for several reasons, which we will be looking at next.

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Now let’s look at some of the reasons why the aforementioned accessories are must-haves for not just wig lovers now but for every wig owner.

Why Do I Need Wig Accessories?

Here are some key reasons why wig accessories are important if you own a wig:  

1. For Your Comfort and Hygiene: Accessories like wig caps provide a comfortable barrier between the wig and the natural hair, helping to keep the wig in place and promoting hygiene. They can also absorb sweat and oils from the scalp.

2. Protection and Maintenance: In addition to keeping your braided wig secure when not in use, wig accessories shield it from tangling, losing its shape, and accumulating dust. In addition, they ensure a sleek, well-maintained appearance and protect the wig strands from damage.

3. Styling and Personalization: Accessories like gel, edge control, and styling tools allow you to customize the look of your braided wig. These tools facilitate the handling of your edges, experimentation with various styles, and achieving a polished look.

With the help of bobby pins, combs, and wig clips, you can better secure the wig, add embellishments, and customize your appearance. This adds to a distinctive and personalized look.

Overall, braided wig accessories seamlessly contribute to the overall care, maintenance, and styling of your braided wigs. They play a vital role in maintaining the quality and appearance of wigs, enhancing comfort, and providing wig lovers with the tools they need to express their creativity. 

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Your FAQs on Braided Wig Accessories Answered 

Q1: Why do I need a wig cap to wear my braided wig?

In addition to providing a smooth surface for wearing the braided wig, a wig cap helps hold your natural hair in place. It also contributes to comfort and hygiene by preventing direct contact between your hair and the wig.

Q2: Can I use regular hair products on my braided wig?

It is advised to use products that are specifically designed for braided wigs, especially if your wig is made of synthetic fibers. Regular hair products may contain ingredients that can damage or degrade the wig's material.

Q3: How can I add a personal touch to my braided wig style?

You can customize your braided wig style with hair accessories, adding embellishments, and securing the wig for a unique and personalized look.

Q4: Are there specific care instructions for different types of braided wigs?

Yes, depending on whether the wig is synthetic hair or a human hair braided wig, different maintenance instructions may apply. For optimal results, always adhere to the care recommendations provided by the wig manufacturer.

Q5: Are there accessories for securing braided wigs during physical activities?

Yes. Sports headbands or wig grips can help keep your braided wig in place during physical activities. 

Q6: Are there accessories for improving the shine of my synthetic braided wig?

Yes. Shine spray or wig gloss can be used to maintain the luster of your synthetic braided wig.

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